Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc

Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc

Perfect-PMMA Dental Creations, Ltd.

Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc are ideal for the realization of occlusal. These discs have high resistance to abrasion and breakage. They are used to produce occlusal splints for the treatment of bruxism. They are also used as a quick and easy surgical guide for placing implants.


98mm x 20mm | Shades: Clear | Item #940


98mm x 25mm | Shades: Clear | Item #941

Item # N/A Category:

Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc Advantages

  • Excellent Comfort
  • Finished shiny surface
  • Good processing and polishing performance

Additional Useful Information About Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc



“Since switching to the Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality and durability of our occlusal splints. These discs are easy to work with and consistently product excellent results. Our doctors and patients have been very pleased with the enhanced performance and longevity of the splints.” – Jerri James, CDT

“The Perfect PMMA is an outstanding product for dental labs. The high resistance to abrasion and breakage ensure that the occlusal splints and surgical guides we produce are top notch. The ease of milling and the precision we achieve with these discs have made a big difference in our daily operations.” – Kevin J.

“I can’t recommend the Perfect PMMA enough. It has simplified the production process in our lab, making it faster and more efficient to create high-quality occlusal splints. The discs’ resistance to wear and breakage means we can guarantee long-lasting products to our clients, enhancing their trust in our services.” - Brittney N.

“As a dental lab technician, I’ve worked with numerous materials over the years, but the Perfect PMMA Monolayer Disc stands out. The material’s consistency and ease of use have improved our workflow and product reliability.” – Adam C., Dental Technician

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

98mm x 20mm, 98mm x 25mm

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