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Model Making Made EZ

Dental Creations LTD - Model Making Made EZ
POURING ACCURATE MODELS Accurate models are essential to the success of any dental laboratory or dental office because an inaccurate model will guarantee that all other phases of the restorative process cannot be done properly. There are different techniques for each type of laboratory or dental office with some similarities. Some techniques are time consuming, …

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New Tools for the Trade

Dental Creations Ltd - New Tools For the Trade Technical Article
There was a time that a dental technician could spend his entire career only doing two types of restorations. PFMs and full cast crowns were the bread and butter restorations for dental labs in the past. There was the occasional porcelain jacket crown, but these were difficult to make at first. The platinum foil method …

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Shade Wand – Minimizing Shade Remakes

Shade Wand - Minimizing Shade Remakes
Selecting a patient’s shade in the dental office can be a difficult task at times because describing color is very subjective. There are many factors that influence an affect color in the operatory. For example, the type of lighting, individual perception, metamerism, the age of your shade tabs, and the ambient light in your room. …

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To Glaze or Not to Glaze

To Glaze or Not to Glaze - Dental Creations, LTD
Why is polishing better than glazing when it comes to the finishing touches on your restorations? Surface glazing is a short-term shade correction solution. Polishing your restorations ensures a long-term beautiful finish. When using a polishing method over glazing, your restorations will withhold all the rigorous wear that occurs inside the mouth. There is a …

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Wonderfill + Wonderformers

Dental Creations Ltd - Wonderfill & Wonderformer Technical Article
Simple and Effective This time-saving model technique is an example of the way profound results can be realized with seemingly simple products. Don’t let its lack of sophistication fool you into believing this product has no value.  That should be the “tag line” for a pair of products I stumbled across last year and started …

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Making Processed Baseplates More Efficient

Several authors over the years have written about the benefits of using processed baseplates as the surest way to present a stable, retentive platform on which to take bite registration records and set denture teeth on for try-in evaluation. Other benefits include providing the exact ft to be expected prior to the finish of the …

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