Pillow Crown Box

Improve the safe transportation of restorations with Wonderclasp Pillow Crown Box! These transparent 2″ X 2″ membrane crown boxes offer versatility of transporting most restorations. Showcase beautiful crowns in these easy to open Wonderclasp Pillow Crown Boxes.


Box of 20 | Item #210


Box of 100 | Item #211  


Transport with ease using wonderclasp!

Wonderclasp Pillow Crown Box is a transparent plastic crown box with 2 clear membranes that hold the dental restoration in place. Wonderclasp provides total view of the restoration while offering a safe way of transportation. Still not convinced? Wonderclasp features an easy to use latch that provides ease of use when opening and closing the pillow crown box!

(2" X 2" X 1")


  • Clear plastic with convenient latching mechanism
  • Easy to showcase the restorations
  • Safe way to transport
  • Versatility
  • Accommodates various sizes of restorations
Weight1 lbs

Wonderclasp 20 Count, Wonderclasp 100 Count