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Instant Firing Support!

Wonderpeg offers instant firing support by holding the crown or jacket in place.

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Have a good crown day!

Hold your crown or jacket in place with Wonderpeg! Get instant firing and soldering support for crowns, jackets, and veneers by using Wonderpeg. Additionally, no mixing or pre-drying time is required. To use, insert the Wonderpeg syringe and simply fill the crown or jacket.

Wonderpeg offers zero firing distortion for temperatures from 400° C to 1300° C. As a result, crowns and jackets remove easily and cleanly with a twist. There is no risk of contamination with Wonderpeg!

Wonderpeg Advantages

  • For use with e.max and Lava crowns
  • No pre-drying time
  • Zero firing distortion
  • Does not contaminate
  • For temperatures from 400° C – 1300° C
Dental Creations Ltd - Oral Health & Dentistry Awards rown & Bridge Product Innovators of the Year

Additional Useful Information About Wonderpeg


Example Use with a Crown

using Wonderpeg on a crown step 1

1. Using the Wonderpeg syringe, simply fill the crown, jacket, or veneer; no drying time is necessary.

Using Wonderpeg on a crown step 2

2. The crown, jacket, or veneer is easily balanced on the ceramic peg and does not tilt during the firing. Wonderpeg offers zero firing distortion for temperatures from 400° C to 1300° C.

Using Wonderpeg on a crown step 4

3. Simply remove with a slight twist from the ceramic peg after firing and tap off any residual Wonderpeg material.

Example Use with a Veneer

Using Wonderpeg on a veneer step 1

Step 1.

Using Wonderpeg on a veneer step 2

Step 2.


Example Uses of Wonderpeg

Firing Crowns and Jackets

Fire a single crown or jacket using Wonderpeg applied to a ceramic firing peg. The crown is easily balanced on the ceramic peg and does not tilt during the firing. After firing simply remove the crown with a slight twist from the ceramic peg and tap off any residual Wonderpeg material.

Wonderpeg fires without any shrinkage or distortion of the structure while in the furnace. There is no discoloring of the crown. The Wonderpeg remains white during firing, as compared to some competitors’ products that turn brown/black and have been know to discolor the crown.

Create a custom firing peg by squeezing out a cone shaped portion of Wonderpeg onto a sagger tray or honeycomb surface and then apply heat from a palm-held torch to firm up the Wonderpeg.

Refiring a second time using the original Wonderpeg set up has been proven to be cost effective and time saving. Wonderpeg continues to hold the structure without any distortion throughout both furnace applications.

Soldering and Repair Work

Wonderpeg works great for soldering or repairing structures. It saves the time and effort typically required when using a wax base to support the components. It eliminates the need to boil away wax and to sterilize the solder surface. Merely apply Wonderpeg, position components, and then solder. Products are soldered with no distortion.

Applying Wonderpeg onto a mesh screen or sagger tray provides easy access for hand soldering using a “micro torch” for the normal solder joint or repair work.

Wonderpeg extruded onto a mesh screen can be placed directly over the open flame of a bunsen burner for large repairs.

By cutting the plastic tip off of the syringe using a small cutting wheel and making a square hole in the end of the syringe, you can extrude a “square” pass onto a sagger tray or mesh screen. The flat top surface of the Wonderpeg works great for setting multiple components on the same plane.

Repair holes in crowns by filling the crown with Wonderpeg, tilt the crown to 45° incline, and then flow solder across the pin-hole in the crown and across the exposed surface of Wonderpeg without using any foil! Saves time by eliminating the preparation of the inner soldered surface.

Surface Protection

Wonderpeg works great as a temporary heat shield up to 2400°F. It protects stone models during high heat repairs to metal structure without burning or scorching the stone.

When soldering an axle or a threaded fitting to a bracket, protect the internal threads and surface by injecting Wonderpeg into the component. Wonderpeg is easily steamed out or chipped away when solder work is complete.


Can the pink ceramic firing pegs be used with Wonderpeg instant firing support to hold Zirconia and e.max restorations in place while in the porcelain oven?

Yes, the pink ceramic firing pegs can be used with Wonderpeg instant firing support to hold e.max and Zirconia restorations in place while in the porcelain oven. They perform well and are durable.

Does Wonderpeg cause my e.max crown to have a lower value or become grey?

NO! Two things not related to Wonderpeg may be causing the problem.

1. E.max overglaze material comes in two types, Florescent and Standard. The Fluorescent glaze will cause the crown to be a lower value after the glaze cycle. If the lower value is not desired, the standard glaze material is recommended.
2. E.max ingot selection can be a little tricky. The HT (high translucency) ingots tend to be lower in value. As the pressing temperature is increased, so will the translucency resulting in a lower value. Some shades may require the use of the value ingot and color staining to produce the proper results.

Can Wonderpeg be used with e.max crowns?

Wonderpeg can be used with e.max crowns at normal temperatures. Generally, there should be little to no residue. If there is residue inside the crown, the methods below are recommended for cleaning out the residue.

1. Turn down the pressure and lightly sand blast. If you are a dental office without a large sand blaster, try purchasing an inexpensive pencil blaster for cleaning out the residue.
2. Use a gentle ultrasonic cleaner.
3. Use a tooth brush and water and lightly scrub out any residue.

Can Wonderpeg be used to hold traditional porcelain-fused metal (PFM) crowns in place?

Yes, Wonderpeg can be used with PFM crowns.

Will any of the Wonderpeg contents cause the formation of bubbles during oxidation or during first or second layer opaque?

Wonderpeg would not under normal circumstances cause formation of bubbles. The only way Wonderpeg might cause the formation of bubbles is if the technician uses too much product and it is wrapping around the crown. Bubbles in the opaque are caused by metal contamination; improper metal finishing technique; improper casting technique; or start of drying time during opaque firing cycle.

Can Wonderpeg be used only to solder pieces or can it also be used with zirconia and ceramic directly?

You can use Wonderpeg as a firing support for zirconia and ceramic. It can be used to directly support the coping. You can also solder with the product. However, if you have a large hole, you first need to use foil to get the shape of the die.

Any tips for how to solder with Wonderpeg?

Put a small piece of platinum or palladium (cheaper) foil in the hole fitting to the die (you can use super glue to hold it if necessary, but make sure you do not use too much), and then use the Wonderpeg just for support. It is better if the material dries out slightly. If the moisture from Wonderpeg gets on the area to be soldered, the solder will not stick. But if the technician is careful, it is not necessary to dry the material. The area to be soldered should be smooth and any substances should be cleaned off. Use a graphite pencil to mark areas where the technician does not want the solder to flow. A small amount of flux is recommended on a gold crown. Heat the thickest part first near the area to be soldered and then move over in circular motion to the area that is thinner. Solder should flow towards the flame or hottest area which will be the thinnest. It will take little time for an area with a hole in it to patch.

How long should the technician dry Wonderpeg?

If Wonderpeg is not dry enough, it may shrink a bit when fired which could be responsible for movement of the crown and therefore warping. The other possible reason for movement of the crown is if there is a bubble or air pocket in the placement of the product, then the crown will slump and distort. Make sure Wonderpeg is dry and that the product is packed in good with no air bubbles. Although a properly supported coping will not warp as easily, the primary cause is the use of a solder in which the flow temperature is too close to the melting temperature of the alloy. If the coping is overheated during soldering, the coping will warp even if properly supported.

Should Wonderpeg be refrigerated?

No, Wonderpeg should be stored at room temperature.


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