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One Step High Luster Polish

Z-Shine achieves a high gloss finish on all restorations with one step in 30 seconds or less.


Polish Only | Item #801


Kit | Item #800

Kit includes:

  • 5 grams of diamond polish
  • #11 Soft Brush Wheel
  • 1″ x 1/8″ Felt Wheel


Item # 800 Category:

For Beautiful Zirconia Polish

Z-Shine Diamond Polish achieves a high gloss finish on all restorations, including hybrid composites, pressed ceramics, and full contour milled zirconia. Conveniently, Z-Shine is used in one, easy step that takes 30 seconds or less. Additionally, clean up is quick and easy! Zirconia restorations will become your new favorite when you use Z-Shine!

Z-Shine Diamond Polish Advantages

  • One Step High Luster Polish
  • 30 Seconds or Less Polish Time
  • Easy Clean Up (20 second clean up)
  • Water Soluble
  • Use With Any Restoration Material
  • Especially Designed for e.max and Zirconia Crowns

Additional Useful Information About Z-Shine


Z-Shine polished teeth

Z-Shine can be used to final polish a milled zirconia bridge with no surface staining or glazing. The layered e.max laminates #6 – #11 are not surface glazed. To obtain a natural surface luster finish on an e.max or on a zirconia restoration, use a #11 soft brush wheel (included in the kit) and Z-Shine.

teeth example photo

Teeth #6 and #7 are single crowns with layered zirconia using Vm9 layering and then surface finishing with Z-Shine and a #11 soft bristle brush wheel with no surface glazing. The bridge for teeth #8 – #11 is full contour Zirconia/ Talladium AT high translucent without glaze. The lower anterior restorations #22 – #27 are layered Ceramco 3 feldspathic jackets that are finished by polishing the surfaces with Z-Shine diamond polish and a #11 soft bristle brush wheel.


Another feature of Z-Shine is that the layered e.max #10 restoration is polished with Z-Shine and matches the natural adjacent teeth. Once you have the surface luster you desire the Z-Shine quickly washes off with a tooth brush and water in a few seconds.


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