Wonderfill Tongue & Void Filler - Dental Creations, Ltd.
wonderfill dental model making filler
Dental Creations Ltd - Wonderfill Tongue Filler
Dental Creations, Ltd - Top 50 Dental Lab Products Editor's Choice

say no to the mess of alginate & wax with Wonderfill!

Say hello to the revolutionary tongue and void filler that will take away your daily grind. Wonderfill requires no setup time and has no messy cleanup. After a lower impression is made, the tongue area is filled with Wonderfill, then the plaster or stone is poured and sets, and then Wonderfill is removed for a perfectly clean model.

how does it work?

  • Water-soluble and easy clean-up
  • No need to mix alginate filler
  • Eliminates grinding out stone from lower impressions
  • Holds up under heat when making heat-shrink retainers
  • Fills in bubbles, air pockets, missing teeth and undercuts
  • Enhances the fit of appliances and bleaching trays
  • Excellent in creating a temporary dam when making partial molds

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