Wonderpeg Instant Firing Support - Dental Creations, Ltd.
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By Kevin Morris, CDT

Supporting restorations during the firing cycle can be difficult at times because most restorations are irregularly shaped. Some restorations are shallow while others are small, and some bridges are very large and unevenly balanced. The difficulty in supporting restorations has led to many different styles of firing pegs and materials to attempt to solve this problem.

Wonderpeg is a material that has been developed to best stabilize restorations during the firing cycle. When Wonderpeg is placed between the restoration and a desired firing peg, the restoration becomes highly stable. For some restorations, there is no need for a firing peg, when Wonderpeg is placed on the inside of the restoration with enough extra to create a space between the restoration and the platform. Wonderpeg provides excellent, instant, firing support!


Dental Creations Ltd - Wonderfill Buy 2 get 1 Wonderpeg instant firing support holding crown or jacket in place

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