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Technical Articles

Seeing the Light on Optimized Shade Matching

Dental Creations Ltd - Seeing the light on optimized shade matching – Shade Wand Dental Products

How the Shade Wand helps eliminate ambient light variables to help match shades and minimize remakes. [ compiled by Noah Levine ] THE PROBLEM: Environmental factors make matching a patient’s tooth shade a challenge Depending on the light in the room, the clinician’s vision and even the viewing angle the clinician is using, tooth shades …

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Wonderfreeze: A Multi-Purpose Cooling Spray

Dental Creations Ltd - A multi-purpose cooling spray! Wonderfreeze

Dental product manufacturers often ask technician Tom Zaleske, AS, to test their new products, so when Dental Creations General Manager/Limited Partner Gina Parker reached out to Zaleske about Wonderfreeze, he promised to do what he always does: offer an honest opinion. After spending some time with the product, Zaleske, owner of Matrix Dental Laboratory, came …

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Model Making Made EZ

Dental Creations LTD - Model Making Made EZ

POURING ACCURATE MODELS Accurate models are essential to the success of any dental laboratory or dental office because an inaccurate model will guarantee that all other phases of the restorative process cannot be done properly. There are different techniques for each type of laboratory or dental office with some similarities. Some techniques are time consuming, …

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To Glaze or Not to Glaze

Dental Creations, Ltd - To Glaze or Not to Glaze - Dental Creations, LTD

Why is polishing better than glazing when it comes to the finishing touches on your restorations? Surface glazing is a short-term shade correction solution. Polishing your restorations ensures a long-term beautiful finish. When using a polishing method over glazing, your restorations will withhold all the rigorous wear that occurs inside the mouth. There is a …

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