How To Avoid Thermal and Vacuum Formed Materials from Sticking to Your Porous Stone Models
Dental Creations Ltd Dental Lab Products EZ Silicone Release Spray

How To Avoid Thermal and Vacuum Formed Materials from Sticking to Your Porous Stone Models

Tired of your thermal and vacuum formed materials sticking to the porous stone model?

EZ Silicone Mold Release Spray from Dental Creations, Ltd is a great solution to your problem. The multi-purpose spray is a colorless and non-staining lubricating spray. It has many uses in the dental laboratory such as greaseless separating while flasking.

In this article I will show how multiple uses for this product in the lab. This spray is specially formulated as a multi-purpose, anti-stick lubricating spray for use on metals, impressions, stone, plaster, plastics, rubber, waxes, and similar materials

In the Lab

I use this spray in the flask (Figure 1) before investing to help make it easier to de-vest the plaster from the flasks. Additionally, it can be used to spray on high end articulators (Figure 2) to keep the plaster or stone from sticking with the added benefit of preventing the articulators from deteriorating from the gypsum products.

This product can be used in conjunction with Dental Creations’ Wonderformer and Wonderwrap making removal of the poured models effortless without leaving any gypsum residue behind. Using it in this manner saves on valuable time in the laboratory. For use with the Wonderwrap (Figure 3) or Wonderformer (Figure 4) simply spray a quick fine mist across the inside before pouring your stone or plaster. Once the model has set up completely the removal process should remain quick and easy.

Wonderformer is designed to produce better models in less time. This one size fits all stainless steel former is easy to use and versatile. Additionally, the box and pour process is easy when using Wonderwrap Magnetic Boxing Strips, a one size fits all, magnetic forming molds that include notch openings for your impression tray handle to lay in.

More Uses

EZ Silicone Mold Release can be useful while injecting flexible products. Simply spray it onto the melting cylinder (Figure 5) before placing the tube of flexible material for melting. By spraying the melting cylinder and the bronze disc (Figure 6) before injecting, it aides in removal of left-over material. With this highly effective spray easing the purging process of furnace accessories and cartridges during the injection process this product is a must have in any dental laboratory.

EZ Silicone Mold Release can also be used when making Essix Retainers and bleaching trays (Figure 7). The technician may remove any left-over residue after vacuum forming by scrubbing and rinsing thoroughly with a brush and Dawn soap or placing the trays in an ultrasonic cleaner.

In addition to its many great benefits, it is environmentally friendly and contains no class I or class II ozone depleting substances. It contains no chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or chlorinated solvents. The silicone used meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 181.28 as a release agent.

About the Author: Jerri James, CDT, has been in the dental industry for 40 years. She attended school at Texas State Technical Institute in Waco, Texas. She is a lead dental technician at CenTex Dental Lab in Waco, Texas. She may be reached at [email protected].

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