Busting Bubbles For Cleaner, Stronger Models
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Busting Bubbles For Cleaner, Stronger Models

Bubbles are the bane of every model maker’s existence, and it was no different for Jerri James, CDT, a dental technician at CenTex Dental Lab in Waco, Texas. She was frustrated by the complications bubbles caused and was finding that traditional surfactants were not doing the job properly. She needed a true bubble buster. Enter Wonderadmix, from Dental Creations.

“We got Wonderadmix as a sample, tried it, and immediately noticed a big difference,” James says. “Now we use it in all of our gypsum products. We don’t get bubbles or anything else in our mix, which makes the model stronger.”

An Important Tool

By preventing bubbles, Wonderadmix also increases the density of models, minimizes shrinkage and expansion, and makes for a smoother stone—and thus a finished product with finer margins, which is more accurate. It also helps models harden, preventing fractures and chipping, and eliminates the need for surfactants.

“Wonderadmix is an important tool for our lab,” says James. “We buy it every two weeks because we don’t pour a model without it. It’s our go-to, and we use it every day, all through the day.”

Dental Creations, Ltd - Wonderadmix Bottle and Syringe 1

Storage and Shipping

Because Wonderadmix comes as a concentrate in a syringe, it helps labs save on storage and shipping costs—an important consideration when purchasing it often. A 32 oz bottle is provided in which to mix the concentrate with water to create the solution. James’ lab orders several dozen syringes at a time, which take up negligible space in their stockroom.

Quick and Easy

She’s also quick to note that although you have to mix the product, the process is quick and easy.

“You just fill the bottle with water and add the Wonderadmix with the 20 mL syringe,” she explains. “One important step is to shake it really well; it mixes up really nicely, but remember to shake it because it does have a tendency to separate.”

Despite the need for a little vigilance while mixing, James hasn’t found any other product that gets the job done as effectively as Wonderadmix.

The Bottom Line

“Bottom line, Wonderadmix is the way to go,” she says. “I don’t know of anything comparable onthe market. It works like a surfactant in that it breaks the surface tension and results in fewer bubbles. But it just works better.”

“All my experiences with Wonderadmix have been really good,” James continues. “It’s quick, easy to use, and saves so much time because you’re not repouring an impression or calling the doctor for new models.

But that’s not all: Models without bubbles look better. “Putting out a nice product helps us build relationships with doctors and provides an opportunity to educate them as well. If they’re pouring models in their practice, we can say, ‘Hey, Wonderadmix can help you.’ It saves everybody time and money.”

About the Author: Laura Dorr is the former executive editor of Dental Products Report®’s Modern Dental. Network and a regular contributing author.

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