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Bubble Buster!

Say no to surfactants with Wonderadmix, a powerful and concentrated debubblizer and hardener. Simply add water prior to mixing with dry stone!

Dental Creations LTD - Dental Lab Products Made in the Heart of Texas$39.95

1.5 gl kit (200 uses)
6 – 20 cc syringes | Item #601


3.0 gl kit (400 uses) | 12 – 20 cc syringes | Item #611



3.0 gl refill kit (no bottle) | 12 – 20 cc syringes | Item #616

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Become a super bubble buster with Wonderadmix! It’s easy to use, just add water prior to mixing with dry stone and shake well. Mix as needed. Competitors pre-mixed products come in heavy gallon jugs. Wonderadmix comes in a concentrated formula which leads to very low shipping cost. Additionally, you save on storage space.

Make excellent, accurate models when you use Wonderadmix and Wonderfill together.

Wonderadmix Advantages

  • No more spray on debubblizers
  • Creates a smoother stone
  • Increases strength, hardness and density
  • Prevents chipping and fractures
  • Controls shrinkage and expansion
  • Causes greater accuracy and fine margins
  • Increases PSI
  • Improves hydration
  • Eliminates the need for surfactants

Additional Useful Information About Wonderadmix


1. Insert 20 mL syringe of concentrated Wonderadmix bubble buster into the 32 oz mixing bottle.

2. After adding 20 mL of Wonderadmix, fill the 32 oz mixing bottle full of water

3. Shake well before each use.

4. After mixing and shaking well, use mixture of Wonderadmix and water in place of the recommended amount of water as directed by stone/plaster manufacturers.

5. Number of uses is approximate and may vary.

WARNING: Do not ingest Wonderadmix solution.


Is Wonderadmix safe to use repeatedly with silicone rubber molds?

The Silicone and the Wonderadmix are not compatible if the Silicone mold is made up of the cheap Silicone rubber. The Wonderadmix could cause the mold to melt a little. It is better to use the high grade of Silicone rubber molds like the dental industry uses.

Is this product usable on impression material that says not to use surfactants (such as impregum)?

No, do not use any surfactants with this type of impression material.

Can you use WonderAdmix with a dental investment?

We suggest you stick to plain water mixed with your stone for investing. Investment is so touchy and any change (I mean the smallest of change) can be problematic because you have to worry about expansion, clean burn out, how the wax will react, and a chemical reaction to the investment itself.


by Dental Creations


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Pouring Locator R-Tx Model with Wonderfill & Wonderadmix
by James Angelone

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“Wonderadmix is a fantastic product! All the stone models fabricated in our laboratory are made using Wonderadmix. I would never go back to using just water.”

Dr. James E. Carlson

“I’ve used the entire sample you sent of Wonderadmix and just ordered a supply from our distributor. Thanks, this stuff is everything you said it would be! I tested the Wonderadmix with a few full-arch impressions that I wanted to be really nice, but mostly I used it to pour quadrant impressions for our CAD/CAM system where details and bubble-free models are critical. Your product has improved my models so much that I don’t need the vacuum mixer now! Your free sample size was large-enough to get me hooked, but my secret is out and now the other assistants want to use it too! Thanks.”

Mike Stanley, Assistant
The Smile Center : Sarasota, FL

“Wonderadmix is the best diestone additive that I’ve ever used. It makes your models hard without being brittle. It makes your diestone smooth, creamy, and easy to pour.”

Ken Carter
K-Lab Dental Ceramics : Dallas, Texas

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1.5gl kit Item# 601 / 6-20cc syringes, 3.0 gl kit Item# 611 / 12-20cc syringes, 3.0 gl Refill kit Item# 616 / 12-20cc syringes

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