Zirconia Perfection, All In One Product Line - Dental Creations, Ltd.
Zirconia Perfection, All In One Product Line

Zirconia Perfection, All In One Product Line

Dental Creations, the Texas-based, family-owned and operated manufacturing business, has released a brand-new line of zirconia products.

Stronger than porcelain, zirconia crowns have a five-year survival rate of 99%. Between the new Zir-Perfect zirconia disc, Z-tray, and Z-Beads, Dental Creations covers dentists with high-quality products that provide patients with long-lasting results.

The unique Z-Tray Vented Sintering Tray comes in two sizes and protects while sintering crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. Holes on the side provide better airflow and transfer of heat while sintering, which keeps restorations at the proper temperature. The dense, round, covered tray prevents unwanted condensation and discoloring of the zirconia by the heating elements. It can withstand high heat rates for zirconia in temperatures up to 1700° C, as well as slower heating rates for long-span bridgework.

Pair the Z-Tray with a jar of Z-Beads Zirconia Sintering Beads for the best results. Because the Z-Tray and the Z-Beads heat at different temperature rates, the beads absorb the heat and provide a controlled temperature to prevent shrinkage. Like the tray, the beads can endure temperatures up to 1700° C. Made of high purity zirconia, the beads produce clean, contamination-free restorations.

The last item needed to complete your zirconia system, the Zir-Perfect High Translucent CAD/CAM Zirconia Disc, uses a three-point flexural strength of 1200 Mpa and a natural translucency of 43%. Offered in nine different shades, including white to use with dip stains, the Zir-Perfect can help you deliver restorations that are natural, long-lasting restoration and functions like a real tooth.

Article by: Leah K. Cohen - Benco Dental Marketing and Communications Intern.

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